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As a main equipment in the plastic field, the injection machine can be widely used in making various plastic products. Joysun injection machine provides you multiple choices. Injection Machine With Variable Pump Famous brands' variable pumps, special design and circle filter provide smoothly running performance and silent hydraulic system. Furthermore, it can save up to 50% energy. High speed automatic PET Preform Injection Molding Machine Special designed screw and barrel, shop-of valve nozzle, double hydraulic system and 3-stage perform taking-out robot system provide high speed production circle to raise the producing efficiency and save much time. High-Speed Injection Molding Machine The injection speed is 2-5 times faster than normal machine, specially for producing the thin wall products, such as air plane cup, food knife, spoon, fork, ice cream box, mobile outer case etc; Servo Energy-Saving Iniection Molding Machine Dynamical servo gearshift control system with sensitive pressure feedback device provides products with high stability. Output volume changes according to load alteration, which avoids extra energy consumption. It can save up to 80% energy. 1 2122


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