Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Set

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Single Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Set Summarization Xtype single-stage rotary vane vacuum unit is a suction of one or more than one X type single stage rotary vane vacuum pump for the rational combination, with a bufer tank and distibution boxes, into a new type of vacuum exhaust set up Prepared in order to make up for the original in the use of vacuum pump deficiency. Has its advantages: ● Enlarge the capacity of suction— It can increase the total or instant suction using two or above vacuum pumps and a buffering air tank. ● Save electrical power— It can make this with a buffering air tank equipped with vacuum meter.(It depends on the actual circumstance) ● Extentits using life-It can reduce the raise of pump's temperature to prevent over-heating. It cuts the running time under the control of vacuum meter. It can prevent foreign matter or granule entering the vacuum pump with buffering air tank and inlet filter. Application Range Xseries Vacuum pump is suitable for applying on the environment of temperature between 5-30℃ and humidity less than 80%, our X series vacuum pump is capable to deflate air less than one atmosphere from vessel, it is prohibited to use for the gas with acidity, cauterization, toxin, flammability, explosive and any elements which can court damage of pump. X series single-grade rotating patch vacuum pump can be appied to the work of vacuum absorbing plastic film, vacuum packing, vacuum exhausting, vacuum Air-eliminating, vacuum suction, vacuum distillation, vacuum abruption, vacuum molding, vacuum casting, vacuum transportation, vacuum heat treatment and welding etc. the applicable field includes hospital, machine, chemical, metallurgy, electron, electric, press & textle etc. Xseries single-stage rotary vane pump also can be combined according to using-pupose to enlarge use range: 1. Enlarge deflating capacity 2. Suck mass of vapour ○ JX series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump set 21 22

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23 ○ JX series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump set 31 32

Technical Parameter


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